Thursday, December 25, 2008

Best Wishes

A Very Merry Christmas to All and a Joyous, Prosperous New Year!

Don't let the fear mongers get you!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

To the 62 Percenters

I have been reading and hearing almost incessantly the mantra of those who support the overthrow of the government as being justified because, after all, 62 percent of Canadians didn’t vote for Harper and Canada is a democracy. Frankly, I’ve heard better justification from penny ante, tin pot Central American dictators and African strongmen. But ok, let’s look at that…

According the Elections Canada

62.4% of Canadians did not vote Conservative…ok, it’s a fact.

73.8% of Canadians did not vote Liberal…what??

81.8% of Canadians did not vote NDP…Oh my…

90.0% of Canadians did not vote Bloc…mon Dieu!

93.2% of Canadians did not vote Green…ice is melting faster!

I suppose that means that if you loose an election you should be entitled to a mulligan, right? Perhaps we can do it Separatist style and just keep voting until the desired results are achieved?

Let’s go back a bit…

In the 2004 election, again according to Elections Canada, the Liberals won with 36.7 percent of the vote. Nobody complained.

And so by the same logic as the 62 percenters, Canadians should’ve overthrown the Liberal government simply because 63.3%, (a larger percentage) of Canadians did not vote Liberal? So,

If elected with 36.7% of the vote, it’s ok. Democracy in action.

If elected with 37.6% of the vote it is a travesty of justice, you don’t speak for Canada…oh, and you’re mean spirited and arrogant and not from here.

What does this tell you?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ok, just a moment........

I have been absent from blogging lately as I have been following a few stories as they develop, most notably the Human Rights star chamber trial's of Ezra Levant and Kate McMillan. They do need all our support so if you can contribute to their legal defence fund, please do so.

You can do so at, and